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Free Computer Recycling in London

Free Recycling:

Free recycling is basically the recycling in which the services provided for free are said to be free recycling. It could be of transfer of file, data wiping, etc. or other services regarding laptops, computers, printers and other electronic devices used in daily life. There are free recycling centers that do not charge and accept metal at no charge. These centers accept old phones, computers, laptops, and tablets for free. London Computer Recycling is the best company in the UK who provide free computer recycling in London.

Introduction to Computer Recycling:

Free Computer recycling in London is basically a process in which electronic devices such as computers, printers, telephones etc are recycled. As we know that these devices contain so much important material by which we can extract many important metals and plastic from it.

According to the survey in 2009, 38% of computers and electronic devices were recycled in the United State of America. These recycled metals can be used after some purification.

The recycling is also environment-friendly because it prevents us to counter the hazards if these metals interact with the environment. If these metal or plastic etc. mix with water it may be dangerous for marine life.

The recycling of e-waste is also very important because it helps us to reuse and it’s also very cost-effective.

Reason For Recycling:

Old computers and electronic devices are the hardly obtainable sources to obtain raw material, otherwise, these devices may be the origin of toxins, etc. The following are the materials extracted from electronic devices such as tin, silicon, and iron, etc. These all precious metals can be reused just after some purification which is cost-effective too.

As most of the old electronics are not disposed of properly as they contain metal which when mixed with soil may be a danger for the environment.

Reason for recycling computers, printers help us to extract precious components from these otherwise these metals may be destroyed when discarded. By recovering these components such as lead, aluminum we can reuse them in many things and can be saved from going into waste.

By recycling, we can reduce the pollution caused by waste. Recycling is the only way to get the recovered material from old devices and can be used in new devices by just some up-gradation.

free Computer recycling

Recycling old computers and printers also helps us to make money by selling them. As electronic devices contain hazardous material which may be the reason for pollution and may cause diseases. So it’s very much important to extract the valuable materials from these and then to dispose of them off properly.

Step By Step Process of Free Computer Recycling in London:

Step 1: Collection:

The old electronic devices can be collected from the owner from all over London and are then sent to the Company Recycling office. Usually, these owners pay the amount or replace the electronic devices with the new one at a low cost. But we are providing free computer recycling in London.

Step 2: Sorting:

In the sorting process, the collected devices are sorted by type, computers having cathode ray tube in it are separated one side and other all computers are on the other side. We need to sort out separately any device of electricity which contains batteries.

It is very important to sort out all the devices accordingly so it will be easy to remember which device is in which group, it will make it easy for transportation.

Step 3: Test for Potential Use:

After sorting the electronic devices are checked if they are working but not in good condition then we will upgrade this device and make it reusable. These devices can later be sold or donated after the up-gradation, as up-gradation to these devices increase their life and they can be used further.

Test for potential users is very much important as it confirms that the devices can be reused but just need some up-gradation. So these types of devices must not be thrown in waste.

Step 4: Manual Disassembly:

After sorting out process the computers or printers etc. that are of no use means they cannot be upgraded they are separated and then disassembling job is carried out. For disassembling its very much important to wear proper PPE such as hand gloves etc.

The components we get from the computer after disassembling are speakers, graphic cards, circuit boards, and others as such. Now in these components, there are some components which can be of use after up-gradation are sold out to second-hand consumer or are used in computers.

Now after disassembling it’s very important to categorize those items accordingly so that when sent to company it will be easier for them to keep them accordingly. The components achieved from these are sent to the specialized person for further process. Other dangerous components like batteries are sent to the battery specialized the person or are sent to secondary recyclers specialized in battery.

Step 5: Reuse:

The material recovered after the shredding is then collected and it is made sure that the precious material from it is sent to the secondary material recycling company, this company’s duty is to recover that material and use this material for the manufacturing of new things.

The best to reuse old computers and printers etc is by donating it to charitable organizations or the needy people around you who cannot afford it.

Step: 6: Primary Recyclers:

Primary recyclers are basically those who resell reusable computers and parts for recycling.

How to Recycle my Computer

If you are confused and want to recycle your computer and anything. Then don’t worry London computer recycling is the best company and well know company in the UK.

This company providing free computer recycling in London. So feel easy we will not charge any penny from you.


For further inquiries you can contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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