Corporate Social Responsibilty

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is now a buzzword, but that’s the way we have always done business. Our commitment is simple “reducing our environmental impact”

Each year Londons Computer Recycling reviews its carbon foot print, we review our methods and processes and think of new innovative ways in which we can reduce our

  • Co2 emissions
  • Energy Use
  • Water Use
  • Waste Generation
  • Environmental impact

We are committed to respecting and protecting the environment and preventing pollution where ever possible. Digital Growth promotes sustainable projects that include the recycling of redundant electrical equipment to extract precious material which in turn reduces the need for deep ore mining and a reduction in landscape destruction.

Charities, schools and not-for-profit organisations make a hugely valuable contribution to society. We support their work through donations and sponsorships.

Our simple statement drives everything we do: to protect what’s good. That promise is at the heart of our sustainability commitment.

Giving aid to local organisations and communities in developing communities both here in the UK and abroad, Helping to build the skills of the local people through IT community based development and bridging the digital divide between communities is some of the core values that Digital Growth stands for.