Computer Recycling London

Computer Recycling Londons

Computer Recycling is a waste management process in which separation and disassembly of segments and raw materials of waste electronics are carried out.

Other than recycling, the procedures of re-use, donation, and repairs are common feasible ways to dispose of IT waste. Computer Recycling London is one of the biggest waste management companies in the UK.

The collections are made through appointments for all computer equipment which includes monitors, telephones, printers, and computers themselves. Even power adapters and cables are also recycled. When the material is collected, it is graded, cleaned and fully refurbished before being sold back for business or home use.

The computer hard drives are wiped through a 3 step sanitizing program to ensure permanent deletion of data, before being reloaded with original operating systems. The drives are completely re-formatted before re-sale.

Computer recycling service helps meet environmental targets by providing environmental friendly and safe way of recycling old computer equipment.


Following types of equipment can be recycled through this process;

Different recycling methods are discussed below;

Consumer Recycling

This includes giving computers straight back to organizations in require, getting components to a convenient recycler or refurbisher, sale or directly send back to their manufacturers.


Parts of the computer are stripped of their most valuable components and are sold out for scrap. Metals such as copper, aluminum, gold, lead, and palladium are highly recovered from Computers, televisions and more devices.

In the process of recycling; monitors, mobile phones, TVs and computers are typically tested for repair and reuse. In case of broken items, they may be disassembled for parts still having high value if labor is cheap enough.

Other e-waste is shredded to roughly 100mm pieces and checked manually to separate out toxic batteries and capacitors containing poisonous metals.


The sale is done through online auctions for consumers who are willing to resell for cash, self-managed, competitive environment, and no fees.

Take back

Before a computer is purchased consumers often research for companies that offer recycling services. Mostly major computer manufacturers offer some form of recycling. Hewlett-Packard is such an example that offers free recycling service to its consumers. It offers to pick up any computer product of any brand for a fee and to offer a coupon against the purchase of future components.


Replacement service is free, often offered when purchasing a new PC. Many companies purchase and recycle all brands of working and broken notebooks and laptops from individuals to corporations. Building a market for the recycling of desktop computers has proven more difficult than exchange programs for laptops, smartphones and other smaller electronics.

A basic business model is to provide a seller an instant online quote based on laptop characteristics, then to send a shipping label and prepaid box to the seller, to erase, reformat and process the laptop, and to pay rapidly by cheque.

Services of Computer recycling London Company

London the capital of England and also the center of the United Kingdom trade from 100 years. So much information-intensive at one place is generated by the companies and organizations of dense populations who process a very large amount of data on a daily basis. Then the question comes in mind that where does their information land when it’s never again required?

Computer recycling London is the number one computer recycling provider for London. Free computer recycling collection service is also provided by this company along with certificated data This company conducts free computer recycling collections and also provides certificated data rubbing out in this free computer recycling service in London.

Computer recycling London is an eco-friendly computer company that helps businesses and households recycle and dispose of useless computing devices such as desktops, laptops, servers, storage, networks, monitors, printers. Projector and all computer components. This service includes the collection, transportation, recycling, re-marketing / re-use, logistics, data security, asset maximization, donations, hardware processing, at no additional cost to your customers.

Regarding our future, our retirement process has already exceeded the legislation outlined in the WEEE Directive and our data disposal process complies with the limited standards of the US Army and the UK government. We cover all over the UK using our own vehicles. We assemble the smallest computers of all types. Our goal is simply to reduce IT difficulties and give our customers the peace of mind they need to manage and eliminate unnecessary IT equipment.

London companies can benefit from the free Computer recycling London and Disposal Service by following the link to book a package. Once we receive your computer’s recycling request, we will contact you on a temporary date. Our computer recycling park in London is already in storage for two to two weeks, so we can handle most orders.

All computer/Pc hard disks are cleaned in the 3-step disinfection program to verify that all data is permanently erased before being reloaded with the original operating system. NAS disks and other storage devices are totally reformatted before resale.

Our Recycling service helps your company or school achieve its environmental objectives by providing a safe way to recycle your old computer equipment. At our computer recycling base in London, all computers,  monitors, printers, servers and hard drives are professionally dismantled and reconditioned so that they can be resold to the system as fully functional machines, creating the most environmentally friendly way to recycle your old computers.


Up to 15 items, we will provide the following free recycling service: – WEEE documents, transfer, processing, data wiping with certificates, recycling, if you can confirm computer and laptop estimation specifications in the details section. It might even be worth it. Of the money, you were given.

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