Go Greener

By using Computer Recycling Londons you can rest assured that you or your company are fulfilling your environmental obligation. We try and commit to a 0% landfill policy. All equipment we receive is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Items that cannot be reused are either recycled or disposed of properly.

Be Legal

We work in full compliance with the WEEE directives and data protection act. As well as meeting all expected legal requirements all our computer recycling work is undertaken in the strictest of confidence.

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In an environment where ethical concerns are growing amongst customers, choosing Computer Recycling Londons will also enhance the PR image of your company to your cliental and employees.

Safety checks

Once your redundant IT equipment reaches one of our depots it undergoes a series of strict checks to ensure selected equipment is in working order and safe to use.  equipment that passes our visual assessment is then subject to power on testing. This is followed by safe and secure data destruction. All business have a legal requirement under data protection legislation to irretrievably destroy any personal data that they hold.

Data destruction

Computer Recycling Londons ensures all data is wiped to the highest of standards; all our work is carried out in accordance with the data protection act. Our process of data removal involves overwriting the disks with a series of 0’s and 1’s, depending on how many times the disks are over written the process can be time consuming but ensures all data is destroyed and is non recoverable; if for any reason the Hard Drive can not be accessed or data is proving difficult to wipe the hard drive is then removed and physically destroyed.

Our team at Londons Computer Recycling guarantees the total removal of all data and on request the removal of all identification markings including electronic “tattoos” on all recycled computer equipment. Once equipment has been safety tested and has successfully undergone the data removal process it is packed and securely stored.