Laptop Recycling London

Our free Laptop Recycling service covers the collection of all quantities of Laptops and associated redundant equipment. Londons Computers Recycling ensures all data on storage devices collected are wiped including data held on external storage devices. Obsolete computers or other electronics are a valuable source for secondary raw materials if treated properly; if not treated properly, they are a source of toxins and carcinogens. Rapid technology change, low initial cost, and planned obsolescence have resulted in a fast-growing surplus of computers or other electronic components in the UK is why the recycling of computers is something that should be taken as an important factor in combating e waste.

How We Do Laptop Recycling

Londons Computers Recycling refurbish computers received to give them a new lease of life, which can then be re-homed benefiting people that would otherwise not be unable to afford them.

For computers, which are obsolete or no longer useful to its user, computer recycling is often the only choice available. This is usually done by breaking down the equipment into its component parts, such as plastics and metals. These parts are then recycled through various methods depending on the material. Recyclers typically charge a fee, but at Londons Computers Recycling this service is free.

Why Recycle old laptop

Computer disposal is an important weapon in combating the rise of weee waste found in landfills around the world; Electronics are complex devices, which are made of a wide variety of material constituents. Some of the constituents, such as lead, nickel, cadmium, and mercury, could pose risks to human health or the environment if mismanaged at their end-of-life. A Positive factor of computer recycling is the re-use of non-biodegradable materials that make up the housing of most computers namely Plastic. Other secondary benefits of computer recycling is the reduction of environmental and landscape damage and reduced carbon emissions.

To successfully relocate single item donations of redundant personal computers the minimum acceptable specification for computers is a Pentium 4 processor or of equivalent speed. Please contact us if you have trouble identifying whether your equipment is suitable for this scheme.