Dell Recycling

Dell Recycling in London

The recycling process is very useful to process nowadays which helps to keep the environment safe. Dell recycling in London has provided several ways to recycle your computers, laptops and other electronic items in a safe and easy way.

Dell Recycling in London has many benefits such as discarded electronic devices that can be reused by just upgrading them, which is also cost-effective, and this step will increase the life of electronic devices too. Dell recycling not only provides recycling for dell devices but other devices too. This recycling is then used or beneficial for donation purposes to various schools where computers are needed so that the students can get knowledge practically.  This recycling will help allot as it is cost-effective and the components recovered can be reused too.

Dell Recycling London is also helping Africa regarding computers so that children there must be familiar with computer while studying other subjects too.

Dell Recycling in London
Dell Recycling in London

Londons Computer Recycling Company provides the following facilities.

We Come to You:

Dell recycling in London is done by just calling our helpline. No need to carry the unwanted material with you and no search is required where to give these items etc. Now by just calling our helpline, you can donate or you can earn money by just discarding the computer item, etc. Now it’s upon to you either you want money or you want to donate your device to a charitable organization. You must format your data from the device to be safe. Now you just have to call and you will be served on your doorsteps and the service provided by the Londons Computer Recycling Company will be satisfactory and you will be very relaxed too that you don’t have to spend time on your valuable in searching etc.


Recycling of Motherboards:

According to the study by Londons Computer Recycling Company, says that the motherboard contains some quantity of gold in it. So in one ton of motherboards, there is so much gold then by earth so if it is not recycled the precious components like iron, gold, aluminum can be recovered.  Likewise, the plastic recover from these components can be used for tablets and computers, etc. by just a little bit refurbishing.


dell recycling


Dell Recycling in London with the collaboration of Government:

The government can help in dell recycling by releasing public tenders in a newspaper to bring the old pcs from offices, schools, universities, hospitals, etc. so that they can be given to Dell recycling company in London so that the important and precious components can be taken out and the computers need a little bit of upgrading they can be upgraded and then given to the charitable organizations. In this way, the recycling companies will take interest and after getting the tender they will recover the components by processing these electronic devices that could be used further.

Dell Ocean Plastic Collection Programs:

London Computer Recycling Company is collecting plastic from the ocean with the help of the local community. The plastic is collected from oceans and then send it to a local processing facility. The processed material from the local processing facility is then collected by dell representatives and is then further used in the packaging of laptops. Approximately Dell has used around 10 metric tons of ocean plastic in packaging. Dell has used bamboo and recycled cardboard prior to ocean plastic.

Recycling of Laptops:

Dell recycling in London offers to resell or replacing laptops with a new one. If you are having a very old laptop and you want to sell it the dell recycling will help you as you feel easy.  Just format your laptop clean all the data from it and then give your laptop to dell recycling they will tell you the price for your valuable and if you need to replace your laptop. Laptops also contain precious components like iron; aluminum etc. so recycling these components can be reused in new devices which will save the cost too.

Dell has the credit of having the world’s largest technology recycling program. According to a study, the company has recovered 177 million pounds of used electronics. Dell is trying to achieve this target more than by 2020. Dell has used more than 10 million pounds of plastic dells different products too.

Recycling of Dell Monitors:

Recycling Dell Monitors are the source of having precious components like copper and aluminum. Now the question is how to recover copper and aluminum from the monitor. This is done step by step. Remove the back cover first, now cut off all the wires carefully. Now separate the circuit board. Please be careful while separating the circuit board. Pull off the copper yoke please pull the yoke very carefully otherwise there is a chance to break the glass. This can be done by the use of a screwdriver or power drill. Now separate metals from the circuit board and by just cutting of plastic and you can get the copper.

Future Plans of Dell Recycling:

Dell plans to phase-sensitive materials that will be environment-friendly. For example mushroom packaging for server products. Mushroom packaging is basically a biodegradable material that can be recycled directly by nature. Mushroom packaging is, therefore, environment-friendly because it will work as agricultural waste if disposed of.

Dell Recycling Future Commitments:

Londons Computer Recycling Company is committed to source more materials from ocean plastic which later will be used to make packaging trays for dell laptops like XPS-13 etc. The recycling of ocean plastic is Dell’s topmost priority which will maybe be extended more in the coming years.

Dell Recycling Suggesting Other:

Dell has also suggested to other companies to take an active part in the recycling of e-waste but didn’t mention the names of the companies to whom Dell has invited and suggested them to work on the recycling of e-waste. As recycling is very important and a creative step other companies should try to take part in it as it is helpful for the betterment of the future.

free Computer recycling

Free Computer Recycling in London

Free Recycling:

Free recycling is basically the recycling in which the services provided for free are said to be free recycling. It could be of transfer of file, data wiping, etc. or other services regarding laptops, computers, printers and other electronic devices used in daily life. There are free recycling centers that do not charge and accept metal at no charge. These centers accept old phones, computers, laptops, and tablets for free. London Computer Recycling is the best company in the UK who provide free computer recycling in London.

Introduction to Computer Recycling:

Free Computer recycling in London is basically a process in which electronic devices such as computers, printers, telephones etc are recycled. As we know that these devices contain so much important material by which we can extract many important metals and plastic from it.

According to the survey in 2009, 38% of computers and electronic devices were recycled in the United State of America. These recycled metals can be used after some purification.

The recycling is also environment-friendly because it prevents us to counter the hazards if these metals interact with the environment. If these metal or plastic etc. mix with water it may be dangerous for marine life.

The recycling of e-waste is also very important because it helps us to reuse and it’s also very cost-effective.

Reason For Recycling:

Old computers and electronic devices are the hardly obtainable sources to obtain raw material, otherwise, these devices may be the origin of toxins, etc. The following are the materials extracted from electronic devices such as tin, silicon, and iron, etc. These all precious metals can be reused just after some purification which is cost-effective too.

As most of the old electronics are not disposed of properly as they contain metal which when mixed with soil may be a danger for the environment.

Reason for recycling computers, printers help us to extract precious components from these otherwise these metals may be destroyed when discarded. By recovering these components such as lead, aluminum we can reuse them in many things and can be saved from going into waste.

By recycling, we can reduce the pollution caused by waste. Recycling is the only way to get the recovered material from old devices and can be used in new devices by just some up-gradation.

free Computer recycling

Recycling old computers and printers also helps us to make money by selling them. As electronic devices contain hazardous material which may be the reason for pollution and may cause diseases. So it’s very much important to extract the valuable materials from these and then to dispose of them off properly.

Step By Step Process of Free Computer Recycling in London:

Step 1: Collection:

The old electronic devices can be collected from the owner from all over London and are then sent to the Company Recycling office. Usually, these owners pay the amount or replace the electronic devices with the new one at a low cost. But we are providing free computer recycling in London.

Step 2: Sorting:

In the sorting process, the collected devices are sorted by type, computers having cathode ray tube in it are separated one side and other all computers are on the other side. We need to sort out separately any device of electricity which contains batteries.

It is very important to sort out all the devices accordingly so it will be easy to remember which device is in which group, it will make it easy for transportation.

Step 3: Test for Potential Use:

After sorting the electronic devices are checked if they are working but not in good condition then we will upgrade this device and make it reusable. These devices can later be sold or donated after the up-gradation, as up-gradation to these devices increase their life and they can be used further.

Test for potential users is very much important as it confirms that the devices can be reused but just need some up-gradation. So these types of devices must not be thrown in waste.

Step 4: Manual Disassembly:

After sorting out process the computers or printers etc. that are of no use means they cannot be upgraded they are separated and then disassembling job is carried out. For disassembling its very much important to wear proper PPE such as hand gloves etc.

The components we get from the computer after disassembling are speakers, graphic cards, circuit boards, and others as such. Now in these components, there are some components which can be of use after up-gradation are sold out to second-hand consumer or are used in computers.

Now after disassembling it’s very important to categorize those items accordingly so that when sent to company it will be easier for them to keep them accordingly. The components achieved from these are sent to the specialized person for further process. Other dangerous components like batteries are sent to the battery specialized the person or are sent to secondary recyclers specialized in battery.

Step 5: Reuse:

The material recovered after the shredding is then collected and it is made sure that the precious material from it is sent to the secondary material recycling company, this company’s duty is to recover that material and use this material for the manufacturing of new things.

The best to reuse old computers and printers etc is by donating it to charitable organizations or the needy people around you who cannot afford it.

Step: 6: Primary Recyclers:

Primary recyclers are basically those who resell reusable computers and parts for recycling.

How to Recycle my Computer

If you are confused and want to recycle your computer and anything. Then don’t worry London computer recycling is the best company and well know company in the UK.

This company providing free computer recycling in London. So feel easy we will not charge any penny from you.


For further inquiries you can contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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iMac recycling in London


Our iMac recycling in London service allows us to collect apple Mac from any area which lies in London without any cost, its totally free service. use. London Computer Recycling company not only provides this collection service free, but we can also ship your products within two weeks. We have several regular vehicles running through the London area. There is no limit on collecting IT equipment on regular basis.

The main areas where we collect from in London are Croydon, Enfield, London city center, Fulham, Canary Wharf, Uxbridge, Watford, Kingston upon the Thames, Hampstead, and Wembley, etc

This is the right time to move forward and terminate your working and love relationship with your present iMac. We understand that you have fun with each other, always have memories of quality times that you share with each other. But there is a Mac better now, it can be faster, display better, or be lighter, easy to use and more transfer. While the breakups with the things you love are always hard, but you will really enjoy this breakup with your old iMac when you use a new Mac.

Your iMac contains a lot of private information, those are connected with a number of Apple phone accounts. When planning to get rid of your apple iMac – whether sold, donated or sent to recycling iMac – there are several things you need to make sure your data and your account stay safe.

Back up Your iMac

The first step before go for iMac recycling in London just back up your iMac. You should save all your files, even clone Mac disk. Maybe you have a Machine backup and this is fine, but if you clone the drive using your personal backup of Whole, you can easily copy that clone to your new iMac to start using your PC immediately. You will not need to reinstall applications or download, and you will be all settings used on your old iMac.

Log out of iCloud

After the backup is complete, you will need to log out of iCloud account. Perform this action just simply go to System Preferences> iCloud  & click Logout. If you’ve made my iMac active, you will need to disable it first. When you sign out of iCloud, your device is removed from the servers of apple, but not from the iTunes store.

De-authorize your iMac with the iTunes Store

After sign out of iCloud, you have to disable your Mac from the iTunes store. It’s easy: Go to your iTunes, select Account> Authorization > Deauthorize this computer and follow these instructions. It is important because apple only allows up to five Macs to have an iTunes Store account. Hence, if you have other laptops or computers, then the best way is to make sure that the device you’re disposing of is now in your account. Will not be connected. If your account has an audiobook, you can also disable it from the Account menu> Authorizations.

Logout From iMessages Account

You must sign out from another account that is an iMessage account. You can just simply go to Messages, choose Preference >> Account, click iMessages account of yours, and then hit the log out icon.

Wipe Your Mac’s Drive

So you’ve logged out of from all accounts and then verify that you have a reliable backup (two backups are even better). Now, this is time to start using your Mac Erase Drive Anyone using disk recovery software can retrieve a large portion of their files on the drive.

Installation of Mac OS

If you are selling this iMac or giving this to someone, it is a good idea to install the Mac OS. You can do this simply by connecting the disk clone, so you saved the installer, or utilizing the macOS Recovery Section. If you do the last one, you download the full installer from the App Store. If you have a limited range, it might take some time. Generally, I find it better to save the installer when if I use it on the iMac, then when you nod on the Mac, delivering a present, or background from that drive (hold the option button when you start the apple Mac to choose the engine for takeoff), and also run the installer from there. If you don’t, follow Apple’s instructions for the reinstallation of macOS.


iMac recycling in London
iMac recycling in London

iMAC Recycling in London

If your iMac no longer active, or if they are too old, then you can bring back. iMAC recycling in London program for recycling will allow to take any of your devices and recycle iMAC. My advice to use it only for the very old, however; and it will not be enough for your ” Mac ” recently to make it worth it. And even if the laptop, mac, It equipment, the computer does not work with Apple partner, this will make sure that the Mac is recycled as much as possible. You can also take an old Mac to London computer recycling Store in the UK for recycling.

Computer Recycling London

Computer Recycling Londons

Computer Recycling is a waste management process in which separation and disassembly of segments and raw materials of waste electronics are carried out.

Other than recycling, the procedures of re-use, donation, and repairs are common feasible ways to dispose of IT waste. Computer Recycling London is one of the biggest waste management companies in the UK.

The collections are made through appointments for all computer equipment which includes monitors, telephones, printers, and computers themselves. Even power adapters and cables are also recycled. When the material is collected, it is graded, cleaned and fully refurbished before being sold back for business or home use.

The computer hard drives are wiped through a 3 step sanitizing program to ensure permanent deletion of data, before being reloaded with original operating systems. The drives are completely re-formatted before re-sale.

Computer recycling service helps meet environmental targets by providing environmental friendly and safe way of recycling old computer equipment.


Following types of equipment can be recycled through this process;

Different recycling methods are discussed below;

Consumer Recycling

This includes giving computers straight back to organizations in require, getting components to a convenient recycler or refurbisher, sale or directly send back to their manufacturers.


Parts of the computer are stripped of their most valuable components and are sold out for scrap. Metals such as copper, aluminum, gold, lead, and palladium are highly recovered from Computers, televisions and more devices.

In the process of recycling; monitors, mobile phones, TVs and computers are typically tested for repair and reuse. In case of broken items, they may be disassembled for parts still having high value if labor is cheap enough.

Other e-waste is shredded to roughly 100mm pieces and checked manually to separate out toxic batteries and capacitors containing poisonous metals.


The sale is done through online auctions for consumers who are willing to resell for cash, self-managed, competitive environment, and no fees.

Take back

Before a computer is purchased consumers often research for companies that offer recycling services. Mostly major computer manufacturers offer some form of recycling. Hewlett-Packard is such an example that offers free recycling service to its consumers. It offers to pick up any computer product of any brand for a fee and to offer a coupon against the purchase of future components.


Replacement service is free, often offered when purchasing a new PC. Many companies purchase and recycle all brands of working and broken notebooks and laptops from individuals to corporations. Building a market for the recycling of desktop computers has proven more difficult than exchange programs for laptops, smartphones and other smaller electronics.

A basic business model is to provide a seller an instant online quote based on laptop characteristics, then to send a shipping label and prepaid box to the seller, to erase, reformat and process the laptop, and to pay rapidly by cheque.

Services of Computer recycling London Company

London the capital of England and also the center of the United Kingdom trade from 100 years. So much information-intensive at one place is generated by the companies and organizations of dense populations who process a very large amount of data on a daily basis. Then the question comes in mind that where does their information land when it’s never again required?

Computer recycling London is the number one computer recycling provider for London. Free computer recycling collection service is also provided by this company along with certificated data This company conducts free computer recycling collections and also provides certificated data rubbing out in this free computer recycling service in London.

Computer recycling London is an eco-friendly computer company that helps businesses and households recycle and dispose of useless computing devices such as desktops, laptops, servers, storage, networks, monitors, printers. Projector and all computer components. This service includes the collection, transportation, recycling, re-marketing / re-use, logistics, data security, asset maximization, donations, hardware processing, at no additional cost to your customers.

Regarding our future, our retirement process has already exceeded the legislation outlined in the WEEE Directive and our data disposal process complies with the limited standards of the US Army and the UK government. We cover all over the UK using our own vehicles. We assemble the smallest computers of all types. Our goal is simply to reduce IT difficulties and give our customers the peace of mind they need to manage and eliminate unnecessary IT equipment.

London companies can benefit from the free Computer recycling London and Disposal Service by following the link to book a package. Once we receive your computer’s recycling request, we will contact you on a temporary date. Our computer recycling park in London is already in storage for two to two weeks, so we can handle most orders.

All computer/Pc hard disks are cleaned in the 3-step disinfection program to verify that all data is permanently erased before being reloaded with the original operating system. NAS disks and other storage devices are totally reformatted before resale.

Our Recycling service helps your company or school achieve its environmental objectives by providing a safe way to recycle your old computer equipment. At our computer recycling base in London, all computers,  monitors, printers, servers and hard drives are professionally dismantled and reconditioned so that they can be resold to the system as fully functional machines, creating the most environmentally friendly way to recycle your old computers.


Up to 15 items, we will provide the following free recycling service: – WEEE documents, transfer, processing, data wiping with certificates, recycling, if you can confirm computer and laptop estimation specifications in the details section. It might even be worth it. Of the money, you were given.

Computer Recycling in London

Computer Recycling in London

Computer Recycling in London

The desire to protect nature and the green healthy environment of our earth has no limits when it comes to dispose and recycle stuff that we no longer need. The Digital Growth – Computer Recycling in London has been doing this job for the abandoned and inoperable computer devices, laptops, printer, etc.

Dealing with waste has always been an important tool to prevent the world from unnecessary wastes and filling its lands without getting properly recycled. However, it has been made easy since the Computer Recycling in London has been helping the private or public presidencies to come forward for their free recycling services, promising to keep their privacies secured and environments clean without spending money.

London Computers Recycling has been doing this wonderful free job since it became law in the UK on 16th July 2005 (The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005). Every equipment is accumulated in the settlement with European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) instructions. Once collected, Computer Recycling in London UK does all the data removal service through a software which is CESG approved. Apparatus is then restored and made organized for its new life; the distribution team provides these computers and devices at low costs to different organizations such as schools, charities, and trivial community organizations around the world. Computer recycling, restoring and disposing of is done for free, saving us from redundant storage and IT disposal costs.

How it Works


Electronic recycling by Compute Recycling in London, assures the recovery of valuable and rare metals which are far too short in supply. According to a survey in 2009, about 38% of electronic waste and computers were recycled in the US. Since the early 1990s, the increased awareness has caused the world to step forward and recycle the abandoned devices more and more.

The metals and plastics extracted from the devices during the recycling process are resold or purified to be used in new device manufacturing, creating a circular frugality as an effect. These processes are done through specialized features and premises, although damaged components and obsolete computers can be fixed and restored within the ordinary places or homes, reducing the costs of replacements.

Recycling is reflected to be the most environmentally friendly process as it averts harmful wastes like carcinogens and metals from inflowing the atmosphere, watercourses, and land.

Electronics are complex devices made up of many rare materials and elements like mercury, cadmium, nickel and lead which can pose many risks to human health and if they get mismanaged they can cause death to both humans and plants.

The positive factors about computer recycling by Computer Recycling in London Ilford UK can result in the re-use of non-biodegradable materials like plastic which make up most of the computer housing. Reduced carbon emissions is another benefit of computer recycling. Watch how we recycle old computers.

The Digital Growth – Computer Recycling in London assures all information on the devices, wiped out and removed with responsibility. Moreover, the main ambition behind Computer Recycling in London is to take the pain away and provide the customers with peaceful solutions in the case of dealing with the useless and retired IT equipment.

Computer Recycling in London is committed to protecting the environment and help to prevent pollution wherever possible. Computer Recycling in London promotes supportable projects that include the recycling of electrical equipment to extract important material from the device which in turn reduces the need for deep ore mining and a reduction in landscape destruction.

For further inquiry you can contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Unit B, Pegasus Works 8-10 Roebuck Road, Hainault Business Park, Ilford IG6 3UF
Phone: 0203 900 2562